Varied range of hunting, countryside rich in game

The Dylta Bruk estate comprise 3,400 hectares of land and water. The estates are situated just north of Örebro and stretch up to Lake Väringen. Varied countryside that includes forests, wetlands, lakes and cultivated areas is an attractive environment for a rich variety of fauna. Game conservation has a long history at Dylta.

Elk, wild boar and roe deer roam the landscape. Red deer and fallow deer have begun to migrate into the area. Game birds are present to a certain extent. The waters are home to beavers, mallards, Canada geese and graylag geese.


Moose can be found on our land. On occasion, we can offer moose hunting for companies. In this context, it is possible to dine and to stay overnight in an exclusive environment.

Dylta’s hunts usually provide good opportunities to experience animals in their natural environment and to get them in your sights. All hunting takes place under expert supervision in calm and congenial forms, with time for social interaction. A successful hunt involves both experiencing wildlife and having a pleasant time together. Moving within the hunting area is conducted comfortably my means of a specially-adapted vehicle.

Dylta has access to dogs for the various forms of hunting. Information on hunting seasons and prices can be obtained in a separate price list.

Red deer

The red deer breed has grown stronger during the last few years. On occasion, we can offer red deer hunting for companies. In this context, it is possible to dine and to stay overnight in an exclusive environment.

Wild boar

Wild boar hunting is organised as a stationary hunt from a tower with a built-in shooting position. The best times for stationary hunting are at dusk and in the moonlight. We also arrange battues. The availability of wild boar is good.


Beaver hunting is exciting. The best hunting season is spring. It is fascinating to keep watch in the dusk or to steal into the beaver’s territory, to follow the animal’s movements and to get within shooting range. Our beautiful stretches of river at Medinge and Dylta contain many beaver and places where they can come within range. Hunts are arranged for small groups and are led by professional hunters.
Overnight stays are possible with self-catering facilities, either in cottages near the hunting area or at an inn a few miles away.

Roe deer

Our land is attractive for hunting cloven-footed game. Varied countryside with open fields, deciduous copses and mixed forestry provide excellent environments for cloven-footed game. Stalking and stationary hunting of roebucks are organised in August/September for lone hunters and small groups. Battues are arranged for companies and large private parties during November/December.

Ducks and geese

Our lakes and other areas of game waters attract many ducks, Canada geese and graylag geese. We arrange duck hunts for large and small groups. Hunting is in the form of battues and shooting birds flying in formation.
Well-positioned and camouflaged shooting positions provide hunters with excellent opportunities to shoot. Retriever dogs are available, although hunters can also bring their own dogs.




Red deer


Wild boar