One-summer old pikeperch fry

Dylta Bruk, which is centrally situated in the country just north of Örebro, has farmed pikeperch fry since 1975 and is Northern Europe’s largest producer of one-summer pikeperch fry. We have supplied pikeperch fry for the introduction of new, or the strengthening of old, stocks in lakes and watercourses from the far south of Sweden to far up in the north, and to many places in the archipelagos of the Baltic Sea.

We assist our customers with advice and viewpoints on the suitability of the water and other important aspects for the development of the pikeperch. The planting out of Dylta’s pikeperch usually gives very good results. Our successful production of robust pikeperch fry is based on sound knowledge, methods development, exactitude and long experience. The fry develop in large cultivation ponds with good access to natural food. The facilities are subject to regular health inspections by the government-authorised company Fiskhälsan and the National Veterinary Institute.

High capacity and reliability of supply

We have the capacity to supply large co-ordinated orders and can provide guarantees that orders are delivered promptly. Reliability with regard to the quality, volume and time of delivery is a customer demand that we are glad to meet.

Deliveries are normally made between mid-August and mid-October, although it may be possible to deliver overwintered fish during May-June, which can sometimes be advantageous in northern Swedish waters. Before delivery, the fish undergo quality control and sorting. The pikeperch fry that are approved for delivery are those that have the best preconditions for acclimatising in the water into which they will be released.

Delivery is made right up to the water’s edge, provided there is a road that can be negotiated by a light lorry. Our modern transport organisation ensures that the fish are delivered in excellent condition to the waters into which they will be released.

With our experience and equipment, we can assist in ensuring that the planting – the important final phase of the transport – is carried out professionally and efficiently. Customers who have their own transport facilities can of course fetch the fish direct from the supply depot at the fish farm.

The pikeperch is traditionally a delicacy that is in demand and that is well worth its price. Owners of fishing rights and fishery conservation areas with strong stocks of pikeperch can as a rule reckon on good income from catches. Now that the pikeperch has become one of the fish most appreciated by anglers, there are additional opportunities for improved financial gain by increasing the sale of fishing licences.

Contact us for advice on ordering and releasing Dylta pikeperch fry: +46 19-22 20 00 or +46 735-32 44 43.


Pikeperch fry, one summer old


Sverker Lovén, Idrottsförvaltningen Stockholm Stad, releasing pikeperch fry in Stockholm City, Djurgårdskanalen 2014