Fishing in Väringen

All fishing in Lake Väringen requires a fishing licence issued by Väringens Fishery Conservation Association. The lake covers approximately 2,000 hectares and is northeast of Örebro, roughly 20 kilometres away by road.

The lake has good stocks primarily of pikeperch and pike, as well as perch. There is also a chance that you might catch a salmon trout. The largest reported catch of a salmon trout weighed 4.3 kg.

The Fishery Conservation Association and Dylta Bruk Förvaltnings AB regularly fund large-scale planting of pikeperch fry. The planting of salmon trout is funded by the Fishery Conservation Association. Fishing in the lake normally requires a boat. The Fishery Conservation Association provides a boat ramp at Väringsbricka, Opphammar, where holders of fishing licences with boat trailers can launch their boats and park their vehicles and trailers. Supervisor Nils-Åke Wihnblad (telephone 019-46 61 84) provides information and sells fishing licences. There is also a boat ramp in Frövi (Boat club).

For more information, please visit:

Sale of fishing licences

Jaktia Örebro AB, Elementvägen 6, Örebro, phone +46 19-25 26 96
Örebro Fiske & Outdoor, Boglundsgatan 2, 703 74 Örebro, phone +46 19-32 14 15
Marin & Fritid, Klockartorp 3, 695 32 Laxå, phone +46 584-122 22
Sporting AB, Boglundsgatan 2, Örebro, phone +46 19-32 14 15
ICA Näsbyhallen, Centralvägen 25, Frövi, phone +46 581-300 63
Prästryggens Campingplats, Frövi, phone +46 581-834 51
Nils-Åke Wihnblad, Opphammar, phone +46 19-46 61 84+46 706-07 46 00